Doseco provides accurate and expert dosemeter services. In addition to personal doses we assess neutron doses, and finger and eye doses. Patient dosimetry is conducted using an easy and reliable TLD method. Our experts in radiation measurement plan and execute assessments according to the customers’ wishes.

Finger and eye dosimeter

A finger dosemeter is used to measure the radiation dose to hands. Measuring the dose to hands may be required, for instance, in interventional radiology, X-ray diagnostics, handling radioactive isotopes, and in repair and maintenance work involving radiation sources.

Because the radiation dose varies in different parts of the hand, the finger dosemeter is placed where the radiation dose is the highest and the meter is positioned facing the radiation source.

An eye dosemeter is a similar device to a finger dosemeter, but it is fixed near the eyes, for example, on the rim of eyeglasses or protective goggles.

Finger and eye dosemeters may be cleaned or disinfected using the usual detergent solutions, alcohol, hand disinfectant, and ethylene oxide. The device is liquid proof.

A finger dosemeter may not be heated over 80 degrees Celsius. Pressing the radiation detector covered with a transparent lens with sharp objects is strictly forbidden. The finger dosemeter may not be dismantled or covered with tape, for instance.