Doseco provides accurate and expert dosemeter services. In addition to personal doses we assess neutron doses, and finger and eye doses. Patient dosimetry is conducted using an easy and reliable TLD method. Our experts in radiation measurement plan and execute assessments according to the customers’ wishes.

Ordering the service

You may subscribe to the dosimetric service by phone or email, or in a written form (via fax or mail). However, we urge you not to include personal information in emails for security reasons.

In a continuous subscription new dosemeters are delivered before the end of the use period. Additional orders during the use period may be arranged so that it coincides with the exchange of other meters. In a one-time subscription the customer personally takes care of ordering new meters according to their needs.

In a continuous subscription the meters are delivered to the customer approximately one week before the exchange of meters. For this reason, any changes to the continuous subscription must be announced at least 2 weeks prior to the exchange day so that there is adequate time to execute the changes. When changing the continuous subscription, it should be separately stated if the number of dosemeters in a continuous subscription is to be changed or when the customer wants to make a one-time subscription.

Dosemeters may be delivered anonymously or pre-named.

Personal information of an anonymous dosemeter user is given when the dosemeter is returned. The user information of pre-named dosemeters is stated in the covering letter and at the back of the personal dosemeter. When you order meters by name we will require a social identity number and other necessary information for the dose register database.

The length of the monitoring period is pre-determined according to the classification of the radiation work and the customer must take care of that the meters are exchanged upon the date given in the dosemeter covering letter.

Measurement results are delivered to the customer after reading the dosemeters using dose reports either to an address given by the customer or in an electronic form in Dosinetti. It is also possible to order a copy of the dose report to another address, for instance, to Occupational Health Care. Personal dose results are delivered from Doseco directly to the dose register database of the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority. For the dose register, the following information on the user must be submitted:

– name of the employee, social identity number and nationality
– beginning and ending date of the radiation work (if known)
– classification of radiation work (A, B, or not in radiation work)
– nature of the radiation work


R1x-ray radiation, no more than 150kVUMsealed source (industry, research, education)
R2x-ray radiation, over 150kVALunsealed source
SDradiation therapy instrumentKDaccelerator (industry, research, education)
REreactorLSnatural radiation (other than cosmic)
BNBNC therapyUSseveral different sources

health care, veterinary medicine

AKassistant or holderMLother doctor
EHanimal handlerRAradiologist
HHdental assistant or dental hygienistRHradiographer
HLdentistSFhospital physicist
ILnuclear medicine specialistSKhospital chemist
LHlaboratory technologist / bioanalystSLradiation oncologist
LTmedicinal technicianTKinterventional cardiologist
LVorderlyTLinterventional specialist doctors
MRother specialist doctorTRinterventional radiologist
MHother nurse

industry, research, education, commerce and other radiation use

AStechnician installing / maintaining
radiation devices
MTmaterial testing
KUdriverOKteacher / trainer
LAlaboratory assistantRIradio isotope production and distribution
MKtracer testsTJresearcher
MUother radiation workerTTsafety inspector