You may subscribe to the dosimetric service by phone, email or mail. However, we urge you not to include personal information in emails for security reasons.

Dosimeters are sent to the customer based on the received information. The dosimeters have a specific starting day on them and the lenght of the monitoring period is 4 or 12 weeks, depending on the calssification of the radiation work.

Dosimeters can be order as a one-time subscription or as a continuous subscription. In a continuos subscription the new dosimeters are sent before the end of the monitoring period of the old dosimeters and are ready to use as soon as the old monitoring period ends.

A continuous subscription should be ordered if you already know that the radiation work will continue after the monitoring period. Lengths of the monitoring periods are 4 or 12 weeks long, depending on the classification of the radiation work.

New dosimeters are sent well before the ending of the old monitoring period. The new dosimeters are then ready to be used as soon as the old monitoring period ends. As the old monitoring period ends, the old dosimeters should be sent back to us.

Continuous subscriptions are ready 15 days before the beginning of the new monitoring period. If you would like to make changes to the subscription, the changes must be recieved before the delivery is finished. If you miss the 15 day mark, the changes are applied to the next delivery.

Continuous subscriptions can be updated in Dosinetti. You can add or remove dosimeters from the subscription. The user information can be sent in advance as well as during or after the monitoring period.

One-time subscriptions are useful when you need one or more extra dosimeters or just a fast delivery. One-time subscriptions are usually sent during the next weekday.

You can order the dosimeters without any user information and add the information in Dosinetti afterwards. We urge you not to send personal information by unsecure email.

One-time subscritions can be order as 4 or 12 week monitoring periods. Dosimeters should be returned right after monitoring period ends.

For the dose register database of the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, the following information on the user must be submitted

-name of the employee, social security number, nationality and sex
-beginning of the radiation work
-classification of radiation work (A, B or not in radiation work)
-nature of the radiation work (radiation source code and duty code)

Information on the radiation source code and duty code is down below.

If you are making a one-time subscription as a known customer, tell us your customer ID and the length of the measuring period (4 or 12 weeks)

User information on one-time or continuous subscriptions can be sent via Dosinetti.
If you need to make changes to a continuous subscription, make sure to inform us as soon as possible. The delivery on continuous subscriptions are ready 15 days before the beginning of the measurement period. If the delivery is finished before we get the information, the changes are applied to the next delivery, In Dosinetti, you can see the delivery which you can still update.

Dosinetti is a service in which you can manage the users of the dosimeters, contact information and the subscriptions. You will get the radiation report in Dosinetti as well. Dosinetti accounts are only for personal use and you can order the accout by sending us a printable form.

With this printable form you can request  a Dosinetti account.

R1 – x-ray radiation, no more than 150 kV

R2 – x-ray radiation, over 150 kV

SD – radiation therapy instrument

RE – reactor

UM – sealed sourve (industy, research, education)

US – several different sources

AL – unsealed source

KD – accelerator (industry, research, education)


AK – assistant or holder

AS – technician installing / maintaining radiation devices

EK – vetenarian

EH – animal handler

HH – dental assistant or dental hygienist

HL – dentist

IL – nuclear medivine specialist

KA – cardiologist

KU – driver

LA – laboratory assistant

LH – laboratory technologist / bioanalyst

LT – medical technician

LV – orderly

MH – other nurse

MK – tracer tests

ML – other doctor

MR – other specialist doctor

MT – material testing

OK – teacher / trainer

OR – orthopaedist

RA – radiologist

RH – radiographer

RI – radio isotope pruduction and distribution

SF – hospital physicist

SK – hospital chemist

SH – nurse

SL – radiation oncologist

TK – interventional cariologist

TJ – researcher

TL – interventional cardiologist

TR – interventional radiologist

TT – safety inspector